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C# Open Source Excel Automation API - FileFormat.Cells Docs

API Reference

FileFormat.Cells is an Open Source C# library that allows you to work with Excel files programmatically. This library provides a comprehensive set of features for Excel file creation and manipulation, making it a valuable asset for developers looking to automate Excel-related tasks.

Please refer to the API Reference to explore the public interfaces in detail.


Dive deep into the world of spreadsheet automation with our comprehensive collection of articles on FileFormat.Cells for .NET. Our expertly written content covers a wide range of topics, from simplifying spreadsheet creation and customization using our .NET API to mastering complex tasks like merging cells and styling spreadsheets programmatically in C#. Whether you're a beginner eager to learn or a seasoned developer seeking advanced tips, our articles provide valuable insights and practical examples to enhance your skills. Explore the various facets of working with Excel XLSX files programmatically and discover how FileFormat.Cells for .NET transforms spreadsheet management into a seamless, efficient process.

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