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FileFormat.Cells for .NET API Documentation

Welcome to the API documentation for FileFormat.Cells for .NET. This documentation provides detailed information on the namespaces and classes within the FileFormat.Cells library, allowing you to fully leverage its capabilities in your .NET applications.

Table of Contents

  • FileFormat.Cells - Core functionalities for adding and manipulating paragraphs and images in Excel spreadsheets.
  • FileFormat.Cells.BuiltInDocumentProperties - Working with custom built-in properties such as Author, Title, etc.
  • FileFormat.Cells.Workbook - Classe for creating, styling, and modifying Excel workbooks.
  • FileFormat.Cells.Worksheet - Class is a fundamental component of the FileFormat.Cells library, providing a versatile set of functionalities for managing and manipulating worksheets within an Excel workbook. With this class, you can create, modify, and customize individual worksheets, control data, apply formatting, and perform various operations to streamline your spreadsheet automation tasks.

Explore each section to gain a deeper understanding of the FileFormat.Cells library.

For a comprehensive list of classes within the FileFormat.Cells namespace, visit the FileFormat.Cells Namespace.